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How to Push Past Imposter Syndrome and Boost Your Creative Process Like a Boss

Start with a product you feel proud of. Something that is objectively good. Gather external feedback. Be strategic when looking for opportunities for your work and then tell a compelling story. Appeal to your common ground and always be authentic. And remember that although the creative struggle is real for all of us, all you need to do is step up to the plate and have the courage to swing.

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8 Ways to Be a Better Storyteller

In hearing and performing stories for eight years now, I’ve learned a whole lot. Especially with company like Deena Nyer Mendlowitz of This Improvised Life, Dana Norris of Story Club and Dionne Atchison who slays any gig she gets. In watching and performing with these Cleveland-based queens of storytelling, they’ve taught me that the best stories are the brave ones. That sometimes the most trivial stories get the biggest reception. And that just because there’s a celebrity in your story, doesn’t make that ish good.

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