Dealing With Everyday Stress


Welcome to Season Two of The She League Podcast! This week Megan and Hilary speak with Victoria Smith, founder of Stress Less Ladies Ltd. When Victoria developed shingles twice before the age of 30, she knew something wasn’t right. This health scare awakened her to the realization that chronic stress isn’t normal. We discuss engaging the logical part of the brain during stressful situations, creating environmental anchors, figuring out your stress signs, and what to do if you’re feeling overwhelmed. The societal addiction to our phones is also a huge point in this conversation – Victoria gives us great tips for keeping that addiction in check. Tune in to hear about slowing down to go fast, why it’s important to make a list of NOT-to-dos, and much more.

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Small Solution:

Hilary advocates for using your leftover shampoo instead of shaving cream to shave with! Haven’t tried on the face, but totally works on legs and armpits. Be sure to lather well!


Victoria Smith

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