The Best of Season One


It's our last episode... of Season 1! We're throwing it back with a look at our fave moments of the past dozen eps, and looking forward to Season 2 and some of the exciting changes it will bring. We'd love to hear your favorite moments, She Leaguers! Hit us up on Instagram @thesheleague.

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Small Solution:

Meg’s Small Solution this week is all about clearing both your mental space and physical space. She decided to let go of (and donate to a friend!) most of her old crafting supplies that were taking up space in her studio room and were weighing her down mentally. These supplies were distracting Megan from pursuing her other goals, taking away some of her attention from what she really wants to do and spend time on. Consider freeing yourself from distractions that are no longer serving you!

She Shoutout:

Lindsey Poyar, Photographer: Instagram | Website | Creatively Speaking


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