Developing Healthy Eating Habits And Smart Snacking

Photograph of fresh strawberries being washed in a colander in a sink.

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What are your eating habits like? Are you keeping a food journal? Do you have tried-and-true home cooking recipes you refer to, time after time? Or do you prefer to lean on takeout (no shame!)? This week on the podcast, Hilary, Megan, and Trish share some of their favorite meals, how they deal with dietary restrictions, and their reliable go-to snacks (ahem, SNAX). We discuss ideas to up your meal/snack game, inspiration to try out new recipes, and ways to reduce food waste in the process.

This is our first food-centric episode, and we want to know your thoughts on food & cooking. Is home cooking part of your lifestyle, or a stressful struggle? Is it difficult for you to find time for cooking or healthy snacking? Let us know in the comments! We’d love to know what you’d like to hear on future food-centric episodes.

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Health Bar Taste Test

  1. Health Warrior Acai Berry Chia Bar

  2. RXBAR Mint Chocolate Protein Bar

  3. KIND Dark Chocolate Mocha Almond Bars

Small Solution

Undershelf baskets at The Container Store (idea from @brownkids!)

She Shoutout

Illustrator Julia Kuo: Website | Instagram

New to Cleveland: A Guide to (Re)Discovering the City by Justin Glanville & Julia Kuo

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