Everyday Fashion: Styling a Wardrobe You Love

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Have you ever found yourself in a style rut? Wishing you had a personal uniform? Or maybe you have a grasp of your personal style, but still feel like key pieces are missing from your closet? Local journalist and fashion blogger Arbela Capas sits down with Megan and Hilary to discuss thrifting techniques, shopping fasts, using Pinterest to plan your wardrobe, and the essential staples you need in your closet. Plus, Arbela forever changes the way we think about putting a look together when she shares her tried-and-true formulas for uniform and statement outfits.

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Some style inspo from Arbela:

Photo credits (clockwise, beginning at top left): Shelly Duncan @ash_shelly, Evan Prunty @evanprunty , Evan Prunty, Evan Prunty, Kaitlyn Freiling @kaitlynfreiling, Evan Prunty. Header image by Nicole Bogdanovic @nicolebogdanovic.

Arbela’s tips:


  • before you begin, manifest/envision what you’d like to find and you will likely find it

  • look through specific racks/sections (e.g., blazers only, jeans only)

  • once you find a piece, imagine how you’d style it with several other things in your wardrobe

Uniform Outfit = comfortable jeans/pants + layering turtleneck + desired add-ons (e.g., light jacket, hat, neck scarf)

Good for: casual work day, meeting at a cafe, mornings when you’re running late. Change pieces to fit seasonally. Should be the outfit you feel best in. It’s a fallback formula you can dress up or down.

Statement Outfit = use your Uniform formula, but dress around a theme and use layers

Good for: telling a story with your clothes!

Staple pieces to have:

  • neutral turtleneck & colorful/patterned turtleneck

  • good pair of jeans (or several)

  • simple wool coat or peacoat

  • blazer

  • t-shirts – graphic or neutral

  • collared button-up shirt

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Styling a Wardrobe You Love: Tips for Everyday Fashion When You Don't Know What to Wear